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    A deadline, a test or a problem in your work or personal life — we’ve all felt anxiety about certain situations. A little anxiety is very normal. For some people, however, the anxiety is more than a short-term worry or fear.

    If you have an anxiety disorder, the anxiety never goes away. In fact, it can get worse, or occur more frequently. The anxiety can affect your everyday life — your work, school, and relationships. You might not socialize like others do. You don’t speak up in meetings at work. You worry what others think about you, and don’t make friends easily.

    Your life can become quite limited when you face continuous anxiety. If this sounds familiar, keep reading — as there is help available to get you past your anxieties.

    Risk of Developing an Anxiety Disorder

    Researchers are working to identify why some people develop anxiety disorders while others don’t. Genetics are likely involved, as are stressful life circumstances. Women are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder; especially if they are divorced or widowed, with financial problems.

    A few more risk factors include:

    • Shyness in childhood
    • Stressful life events in childhood and adult years
    • Close relatives with an anxiety disorder
    • A parent with a mental disorder

    Three Types of Anxiety Disorders

    Psychologists say the most common anxiety disorders are generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder.

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder

    If you have this anxiety disorder, you face excessive anxiety or worry for months at a time. You may have difficulty leaving the house, your anxiety is so overwhelming.

    People with generalized anxiety disorder face continual restlessness. You may be irritable, tense, unable to control the worry. You have difficulty sleeping or staying asleep. All this makes you fatigued. You can’t easily concentrate, so work is difficult.

    Panic Disorder

    If you have panic disorder, you face panic attacks often — with heart palpitations, racing heart, sweating, trembling. You have an overwhelming bad feeling, a sense of doom.

    There are sudden and repeated attacks of intense fear. In the midst of a panic attack, there’s a feeling of being out of control.

    When you’ve had panic attacks, you worry intensely about the next attack. This fear causes you to avoid places where the attacks happened before. It’s a pattern that can really affect your quality of life — and limit your activities greatly.

    Social Anxiety Disorder

    Social phobia, or social anxiety disorder, is exactly as it sounds. You have a real fear of social situations and feel very self-conscious in front of other people. You feel very anxious about being judged, rejected, or embarrassed. You worry for weeks in advance of social events that you must attend. You have a difficult time making friends and often blush or sweat in front of other people. You may feel nauseous when other people are around.

    Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

    If you face an anxiety disorder, please know that there is hope for you. Psychotherapy, medication or both are very effective in helping people with anxiety disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps people develop different ways of reacting to situations that cause anxiety. Learning to manage stress is also very helpful.

    A psychotherapist can help guide you toward freedom from overwhelming anxiety. It’s worth taking the first step to get help.

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