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    Couples therapy, often called marriage counseling, is a form of therapy for all types of intimate relationships — whether married or not, heterosexual or homosexual.

    A psychotherapist can help couples recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Through therapy, couples can strengthen their bonds. They can learn to understand each other better, and iron out the differences.

    After a serious stress or traumatic event in their relationship, couples can take steps toward rebuilding their relationship — or ending it — with a psychotherapist helping them consider their actions thoughtfully.

    The Path to Couples Therapy

    When couples are in trouble, it’s often because they have developed negative patterns. They don’t relate to each other well. They have power struggles. Each feels frustrated, hurt, misunderstood.

    In therapy, couples will increase their clarity about the kind of life they want to build together, and the kind of partner they aspire to be in order to create that life. There will be some difficult trade-offs and tough choices for each person.

    Among the issues, you may need to discuss:

    • Child rearing
    • Blended families
    • Financial problems
    • Communication problems
    • Anger
    • Sexual difficulties
    • Infidelity
    • Domestic abuse, violence
    • Lack of trust
    • Potential divorce
    • Substance abuse

    What to Expect

    Couples therapy is more successful when both partners willingly participate. You may decide to go on your own, which also has benefits.

    In couples therapy, you will take an objective look at your relationship. You will come to realize what works and what doesn’t in your relationship.

    Through therapy, couples can learn to break dysfunctional patterns. Your counseling can help you communicate more openly, discuss your differences and address conflicts. Your therapist can act as a mediator to help you cope with turmoil in sorting these things out.

    Therapy is not a quick-fix for a relationship. You can’t expect the other person to change, but you can help your relationship change and improve.

    Every relationship is unique, with its own challenges and strengths. Through couples therapy, you can give your relationship the best chance for the long-term – or make a careful decision about ending it.

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