• Psychiatry & Mental Health Background

    I first began working in the specialty of psychiatry/mental health by working as a staff nurse at Chestnut Lodge Hospital which was in Rockville, MD. I worked there in a variety of settings for five years. Then I worked there part-time while I was attending graduate school. It was an outstanding place to learn theory and practice.

    After graduate school, I worked In a community mental health center coordinating clinics, giving in-services to staff and leading groups, in addition to working with individual clients and their families.

    Then, for five years, I was the Supervisor for the Mental Health Service for a home health care agency.

    I have had my own private practice since 1999.

    In general, the people who come to see me are usually referred by another professional or referred by a former patient or partner I have worked with in the past. These referrals are a great compliment and I am appreciative of the trust others have in the work I do. I also connect with and learn from each of my clients/patients as much as they learn healing insights from me.

    My Style of Therapy

    Leslie Terner Psychotherapist and provides Counselling and therapy in Chevy Chase MD
    I understand that people most often come to therapy because they are hurting emotionally. I believe that we all think the way we do and behave the way we do for very valid reasons. We all get into habits of thinking and behaving in ways that can often be self-defeating and self-destructive. I help my clients gain insight into why they have developed these habits in the first place. If you can understand yourself better as to why you think and behave the way you do, then you can have more compassion for yourself and have patience with yourself to put in the energy to learn more effective ways of coping and behaving. We explore ways of altering these patterns so that you can move on and create a more fulfilling life for yourself. Therefore, you can live more authentically.

    In summary, if the things you are thinking and doing are not getting you the results that you desire in your life, then the most important question to ask yourself is: “How can I change?” I can help you gain insight into healthier ways of coping.

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    About Leslie Terner, MS, PMHCNS, BC

    I am a Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist in Chevy Chase, Maryland. I have been in private practice since 1999. I help clients to heal and gain insight into why they have developed their behaviors.