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    LGBTQIA Issues. Counseling and Management Services, Leslie Terner, Chevy Chase, MD

    Although a person’s sexual or romantic orientation or gender identity may not be a source of distress, people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual or any other orientation or gender identity may find that the social stigma of living as a minority is a source of stress or anxiety.

    When seeking therapy, whether for issues associated with one’s sexual, romantic, or gender identity or for concerns related to mental health, finding a qualified mental health professional who has experience and familiarity with the challenges members of the LGBTQIA community often face can be critical to successful therapy outcomes.

    What Does LGBTQIA Stand For?

    The acronym LGBTQIA is an expansion of LGBT and was broadened to include many more individuals. The acronym represents those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning, intersex, and asexual. “Intersex” refers to a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male.

    Some feel more comfortable with alternative acronyms, such as GSM (gender and sexual minorities) or LGBTQ+, that represent the variety of identities and orientations.

    Issues LGBTQIA Face

    Despite the fact that society is quickly expanding the acceptance of LGBTQIA cultures, certain conflicts remain. LGBTQIA people continue to feel oppressed, discriminated against and marginalized.

    Trying to cope with discrimination is one stressor. You may feel unsafe due to your sexual orientation. Figuring out how to come out to one’s family is also stressful. You may also be sorting out your “authentic” self amid social pressures. All this can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns.

    LGBTQ adults, too, may be subject to harassment, as well as discrimination with regards to housing, employment, education, and basic human rights.

    A Safe Place for LGBTQIA

    Because of the potential for discrimination, it is important that you find a psychotherapist who is attuned to your needs and has experience helping people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender.

    You need a safe place where you don’t have to fear rejection because of gender identity. You need a safe place where you can discuss your issues regarding work, school, relationships, coming out, family, dating, appearance-obsession, parenting, family-blending.

    You can also discuss more mainstream issues:

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Stress
    • Relationships
    • Loneliness

    An Open Mind

    As a psychotherapist, Leslie Terner has counseled many LGBTQIA people – of all ages – and has gained real insights into their challenges.

    She realizes that each generation has evolved differently in views of sexuality and that the impact on each person, each generation, has been different. Older gay men may face different emotional issues than today’s LGBTQIA youth.

    Ms. Terner also understands that LGBTQIA young people go through a process questioning their identity, trying to figure out where they feel most comfortable.

    She welcomes LGBTQIA clients of every age to find her office a safe haven for psychotherapy. Ms. Terner appreciates every insight she has learned from her patients and will listen carefully to your story — so she can give you the best guidance possible.

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