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    Psychotherapy and Multicultural Diversity Counseling, Leslie Terner, Chevy Chase, MD

    Around the world, people from every culture experience similar problems. Depression, anxiety, grief, loss, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, relationship problems – we all are vulnerable to emotional troubles.

    They may also experience difficulties when interacting with and adapting to their new culture.

    What exactly is culture? Culture is defined as “the beliefs, arts, customs, institutions, and all other products of human thought and work created and employed by a person or group at a particular time.”

    Throughout history, multicultural concerns have been prevalent among the cultures of Native Americans, African Americans, Italians, Irish, Jewish and other groups. Wherever this is a gathering of various cultures, which is frequent in school, work, and social situations, there will inevitably be cultural differences.

    In metropolitan areas like Washington, this is certainly true. How people relate to each other amid those cultural differences is a big concern for many.

    Leslie Terner welcomes all who have taken up residency in the U.S. from another country. You will find her an empathic psychotherapist who is sensitive to cultural values, customs and communication patterns.

    Having lived in the Greater Washington, D.C. area since 1964, she has come into contact with people from all over the world. She values diversity. Her life has been enriched by getting to know people from many different cultures. Ms. Terner brings this natural appreciation to her private practice as a psychotherapist.

    The Benefit of Therapy with Multicultural Issues

    In psychotherapy, the multicultural concerns addressed in therapy might include:

    • Race/ethnicity
    • Culture
    • Religion
    • Sexual orientation
    • Disability
    • Stereotyping
    • Discrimination

    These difficulties and concerns can cause adjustment problems but may seem like depression. If the therapist understands multicultural issues, it’s possible to more easily determine the true cause of the emotional problems. It’s also very helpful if the therapist can make good suggestions on how to better acclimate to a new culture — and how to anticipate potential problems.

    Imagine how a person from a very remote tribal society feels when encountering the crowds and anonymity of a large U.S. city like Washington. In psychotherapy, the therapist who is attuned to cultural differences can make suggestions that will help in adjusting to the new environment.

    A psychotherapist who has been trained to help with multicultural concerns has learned:

    • Approaches to therapy among various cultures, and how culture affects the stigma of mental illness.
    • Cultural and spiritual beliefs about mental illness.
    • Sensitivity to racism and ethnocentrism.
    • Cultural values and how they shape family relationships, ethics, core beliefs, and communication.
    • Culturally sensitive communication, like avoiding certain terms and figures of speech.

    The psychotherapist learns to work with variations in communication styles among cultures. Some cultures need more space during a therapy session. Others are open and animated. Still, others tend to keep silent about their problems.

    A well-trained psychotherapist also understands how cultural views of health and health problems can create a tense situation in medical treatment. When these cultural differences are not recognized, the result may be physical violence.

    If you are facing multicultural issues like these, Ms. Terner can help you. She has the wide experience and depth of cultural understanding to guide you through your difficulties. With her help, you can make greater progress in adapting to your new environment — and get on in creating a rich wonderful new life.

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